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About The Protein Works

Rewind to 12th December 2012. Out of a freezing cold office, the founders of THE PROTEIN WORKS™ huddled round a couple of computer screens. This was the moment. After a year of working round the clock and a lifetime of tempering the thirst to create a world-class brand, they pressed LAUNCH. That was the moment THE PROTEIN WORKS™ website went live to the globe.

With the idea to rock the very foundations of a sports nutrition industry that had become complacent, THE PROTEIN WORKS™ set out to create an online sports nutrition brand that put pure quality & wow service before lowest possible price. With that vision and all it entails, THE PROTEIN WORKS™ knew they would be the underdogs from the very beginning. But you know what? They love that.

So, as THE PROTEIN WORKS™ embark on sharing their journey from humble Cheshire beginnings to over 1 million orders, into 50 different countries and a 5 million social reach… Team TPW™ and their Tribe… here’s to you, the grafters, the crazy ones, the innovators, up against the big boys and living off the thrill of winning.