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About Lyle & Scott

As a brand that has witnessed and been influenced by numerous fashion movements, Lyle & Scott deems it crucial to honor its rich history and ongoing commitment to quality, which serves as the cornerstone of all endeavors undertaken by the company.

The narrative unfolds by delving into key milestones in the brand's journey, tracing its origins from humble beginnings in the Scottish Borders to the introduction of the iconic Golden Eagle emblem and the various subcultures it has inspired.

The story of Lyle & Scott commences in 1874, when founders William Lyle and Walter Scott acquired a factory in Hawick, Scotland, with the vision of producing high-quality knitted underwear. Their unwavering belief in the significance of craftsmanship and quality remains a guiding principle for the brand today. The reputation of Lyle & Scott spread rapidly, leading to a threefold expansion of their Hawick home by 1910.

While much has changed since 1910, Hawick remains the enduring home of Lyle & Scott, and the brand takes immense pride in its roots. The 1920s witnessed the acclaim of their knitwear, prompting the launch of the first outerwear collection designed to appeal to both the working man and the vibrant 'bright young things' of the post-war era.

The brand's popularity soared, catching the attention of renowned fashion houses, with a notable collaboration with Christian Dior in 1954. In 1975, Lyle & Scott received a Royal Warrant by appointment of the late HRH Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip.

The iconic Golden Eagle logo, introduced in the 1960s alongside the foray into golfwear, pays homage to the renowned Scottish golf club, Gleneagles. By the 1970s, Lyle & Scott had become the go-to brand for golfers, worn notably by Jack Nicklaus during his victory in the 1978 Open Championship.

The cultural significance of Lyle & Scott extends to its association with subcultures such as the Mods of the '60s and '70s, known for their sharply dressed rebellion and appreciation of bands like The Who and The Jam. Additionally, the brand became closely linked with the football Casuals subculture, thanks to the popularity of its premium-quality golfing knitwear among football fans.

As the story unfolds, the brand emphasizes the importance of how people wear their clothes, highlighting the cultural impact of Lyle & Scott beyond the garments themselves. The Mods, with their penchant for the brand's premium and versatile knitted jumpers, and the football Casuals, drawn to the quality and variety of colors, exemplify the brand's influence on diverse subcultures.

Looking forward, the narrative invites exploration of the Archive collection, featuring reimagined iconic looks from the past, and encourages readers to seek fashion advice through dedicated style blogs.