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About Mango Bikes

Mango make awesome bikes for those who just want to get on and ride. Their award-winning frames are assembled in Britain and spec’d to outpace more expensive brands and stand up to the demands of real-world riding conditions.Like any story worth telling, the Mango Bikes journey from bikes to boardroom has more than one chapter. They've come a long way since their early days, but getting there wasn’t a smooth ride. In 2017 Mango hit a bump, like those potholes that send you head-over-handlebars. It was a mix of good bikes, bad numbers, and some not-so-wise prophets. Things went a little sour, like those mangos that just don’t taste right, so it was time for a change. Instead of lounging around in defeat, they did what riders do. Mango got back on the bike – metaphorically at first, but then for real. They cycled balls-to-the-wall to blow off the steam then came back to start afresh. They relocated to Ballyclare in Northern Ireland, where they still make the same brilliant bikes, but with twice the rainfall and a nicer view. Mango is now under new ownership, but they're still the same tasty brand, with the same passion, and most importantly the same great bikes – but with a story to rival Shakespeare. Drop by their showroom to hear it in person (and buy a bike so that they can pay the rent!).