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About Digme Fitness

Welcome to the best spin, gym & HIIT classes in London and Oxford! Digme means achievement. Real achievement for everyone. Wondering where the name Digme comes from? Good question. It's a beach in Hawaii which happens to be the start line for the famous Ironman World Championship. Geoff, Digme's CEO has twice completed this incredible event, so to him, his wife Caoimhe and the rest of the Digme Fitness team, Digme is hugely significant. However, while saying you are an elite triathlete who has made it to the hallowed beach is a real achievement, its just one example of a fitness goal excelled. For others amongst us, it means simply feeling fitter and healthier, or even just breaking years of lacklustre exercise habits. Digme help you set your sights high, and achieve more than you ever expected, so you leave feeling exhilarated and in the best shape of your life.