The top 10 biscuits according to the British public

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GBBO has sent the nation cake and biscuit crazy.

There were some mouthwatering baked creations on this year's GBBO, along with nationwide Jaffa Cake controversy after Paul Hollywood casually dunked a Jaffa Cake into his cup of tea, but the question that’s been on everyone’s mind since the start of GBBO has been what the nation’s favourite biscuit is?

To put an end to any more biscuit related arguments, over 6000 people were surveyed.

The British people have spoken and we bring you Britain’s top 10 favourite biscuits.

10. Jammie Dodgers         

9. Shortbread

8. Ginger Nut

7. Malted Milk

6. Chocolate Chip

5. Rich Tea          

4. Bourbon

3. Custard Cream

2. Chocolate Hob Nob

And finally, we present you with the nation’s favourite 

1.       Chocolate Digestive

Say goodbye to the good old plain digestive, the chocolate digestive is the new biscuit on the block. It's the perfect cuppa companion and has been satisfying sweet tooth’s across the nation.

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