The best moments of The Rio Olympics Games


The Olympic Games have been filling up our Facebook timelines with news of the latest wins and the latest losses. Now we are halfway through the games currently being held in Rio, it’s a good time to reflect on the best moments of the Rio Olympic Games so far.

1.   Phelps Face

phelps face

The face that got everyone talking was the #PhelpsFace. There’s no doubt that you’d need to focus to win countless gold medals but this commendable amount of concentration has resulted in enless memes being created in honour of the Phelps Face.

2. Ryan Lochte’s hair turned green


Chlorine and bleach blonde hair is never a good mix and Ryan Lochte is probably regretting his pre-Olympics hair dye decisions.

3. The Olympic pool turning green

green pool

Ryan Lochte’s hair wasn’t the only thing that was turning green during the Olympic Games. The Olympic diving pool mysteriously turned green leaving viewers wondering what made the pool change colour.

4. Usain Bolt 

Usain Bolt is insanely fast and remains unbeatable; he effortlessly beats the other Olympic runners by starting off slowly then unleashing the speed leaving his competitors behind. 

5. The bored lifeguard


The internet picked up on how boring it must be to be an Olympic lifeguard and this lifeguards face says it all.