6 Struggles of dressing for spring

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Although it may officially be spring, it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.

1. Jumpers have become our BFF

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Jumpers have permanently been attached to our backs for the last seven months. We're going to need some serious sun to prise us out of them.   

2. Shoes are still a no go

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It may be all about open-toed shoes and ballet pumps but the thought of actually getting our toes out right now fills us with fear – it’s too cold and we haven’t had a pedi in forever!

3. Spring clothes do not exist

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Since Christmas the shops have been decked out in summer clothes – bardot dresses, white jeans, bralets and playsuits – Sorry did we miss the heatwave? We can’t wear these yet!

4. Spring season = rainy season

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April brings April showers, so if we do wear anything vaguely nice you can’t see it anyway, as we’re still buried underneath a quilted coat/parka.

5. It’s still as cold as it was in December

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Layering is not our strong point – we just can’t get to grips with it. Why can’t we just wear a jumper?

6. It’s hard to commit to the cause

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If we do commit to spring and embrace the ruffles and the prints then we stick out like a sore thumb as everyone else has given this stupid season a miss.