Quick and Easy Homemade Nachos

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There's nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a big bowl of nachos before embarking on a Netflix binge.

Making homemade nachos is super simple and requires minimum effort with big results.

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First up, grab a bowl of tortilla chips along with a handful of cheese.

Melt the cheese onto the tortilla chips under the grill.

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Grab some guacamole

Pop a dollop on the side of your freshly melted cheesy tortilla chips.

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Next up drizzle some salsa on the chips.

Throw in a few jalapenos if you want to turn up the heat! 

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Fancy taking your nachos to the next level?

Grab a bowl, chop up an onion along with a few tomatoes and a bunch of coriander. Mix it all up in a bowl and squeeze fresh lime onto the mixture, then pour on top of your tortilla chips and get ready to dip yo' chip!

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