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As the heads slowly recover from the horrendous NYE hangover, the New Year presents a great opportunity for a fresh start and an excuse to begin your own mission for self-improvement.

Whilst a lot of these #NewYearNewMe goals may fall at the first hurdle, we thought we’d help you go the distance with our top New Year’s resolution picks here at Youth Discount.

‘This year I want #AllTheGains’

Probably the most popular of all the New Year’s resolutions involves hitting the gym, making sure 2017 is the year you’re the one turning heads when you strut down the beach this summer.

Fitness First – FREE 3 day pass

As you kick-start your new life as a ripped fitness God with abs of steel, you’ll one day look back to how your FREE trial at Fitness First started your own workout revolution!

With a wide range of fitness classes and gyms across the country there’s no reason not to make the most of this FREE 3 day trial.

Myprotein – 16% off!

These days a solid routine and commitment alone can’t quite cut it. To really smash those fitness goals you need to be getting on the right supplements to help you on your way.

One of the biggest names in the protein game, Myprotein has a huge range of gym supplements tailored to your fitness needs, whether that is muscle building, weight loss or sports performance.

With 16% off site-wide exclusive to Youth Discount subscribers for all of January it’s no pain, all gains!

‘This year I want to #OwnTheKitchen’

It’s a skill almost everyone would love to master; being able to stroll into the kitchen and swagger back out with a stacked plate of the fanciest food that even Chef Ramsay wouldn’t turn his nose up at!

Gousto - £25 off

Ever since you started school and sneaked a peek at the clever kids homework (don’t lie we all did it!) you realised that the fastest way to get results was cutting a few corners.

Luckily for you such help is at hand in the kitchen! With recipe cards and quality pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door, Gousto cuts so many corners for you it’s practically a circle! 

All you need to do is choose what you want from their delicious menu, follow the simple steps and then reap the rewards of your culinary masterpieces. And with £25 off your order there’s no better time to get in the kitchen!

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‘This year I want to #SmashTheSlopes’

I don’t know about you, but we believe there’s no better way to spend your money than getting yourself out there and seeing the world in all its beauty.

And there are few sights in the world more stunning (besides the mirror) than snow covered mountain tops.

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Hotels.com – Ski up to 50% off

If you’ve been before you’ll need little convincing, and if you haven’t, just ask anyone that’s been. They’ll tell you that there are few activities more fun than bombing down the mountains at 20mph, only to be rewarded with all the après-ski beers waiting for you at the bottom.

With savings of up to 50% and a great range of hotels in resorts across France, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and more, 2017 needs to be the year you go on that ski trip you’ve always wanted with Hotels.com!

‘This year I want #AllTheGarms'

Last, but not least, a goal of many going in to the new year is to get their fashion game on point, and to be looking their sharpest all through 2017.

Forever 21 – 10% off

It may just be the one or two tweaks to the look you’ve been perfecting for years or it could be a dramatic style restart, whatever they may be, there are few better places to achieve your fashion goals than Forever 21.

With looks for all seasons for both men and women, and with 10% off site-wide exclusive to Youth Discount subscribers you can’t go wrong with this one!

Take it off the shoulder 💕 @emily_luciano (Shop link in bio)

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