Mackie's Ice Cream T&Cs

Mackies ice cream tub

Terms and conditions

To keep it brief:

We request the minimum detail of your first name, surname and email address. This is enough for us to be able to speak to you by email. We have a mailing list of Friends of Mackie's and we keep in touch by email. We hope to make it interesting. The purpose is to inform you of new products and new offers and sometimes to ask for your views on our development work. We may reward your friendship efforts on response with some free produce.


If you're looking for some more detail:

We do ask you to tell us more about yourself if possible. This means that we can learn about who enjoys our products and try to produce more which may be of interest. We can also work to make our information more relevant, for example you may only want to know about a promotion which is available in the store type you normally visit.


Registrants should be over 18 years or be made with consent of a parent or guardian. However, parents can be assured that all information issued by Mackie's will be family friendly.


If you submit your email address or complete the registration form to join Friends of Mackie's, you will first receive a verification email asking you to confirm that intention before we add your details to the database. This process is in accordance with best practice and enables us to check that you are the real user of that email address and that you really do intend to join us.