The best foodporn from Instagram

Burger 2

Let’s be honest, after the filters, the only other reason we’re on Instagram is for the food porn! If we're really in the mood for some serious food envy then we head to these five IG accounts… 

Olive Magazine

Instagram account - Olivemagazine


We can never say no to halloumi. #oliveshoot #instafood #halloumi @nickij_2801 @tonybriscoe @lizzieminnieharris

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Britain’s biggest food mag is where it’s at for food envy. Their feed is not only jam packed with their own mouth-watering recipes (Spanish baked rice with Chicken and Chorizo looks banging BTW) but they take us into some of London’s elite restaurants, including newly opened Sosharu and the upmarket Berners Tavern. Expect to see melt in the middle meatballs and pasta, chicken satay noodle salads and breakfast towers – yep you read right, an actual tower, for breakfast!

Original Patty Men

Instagram account - OriginalPattyMen

If you’re from or live in Birmingham then you should be well versed in the story of the Original Patty Men. After building their reputation at Digbeth Dining Club for producing ‘The Best God Damn Burger in Birmingham – maybe even the UK’ (in our opinion anyway) they opened their own proper venue in the heart of the city, last year. If you think this is just going to be another unoriginal burger account then you’re mistaken! Look out of the ‘Big Verns’ – a classic beef patty with American cheese, served in a glazed Krispy Kreme - there’s nothing ordinary or boring about that.   

Lizzie Batchelar

Instagram account - Lizziebatchelar

We're not entirely sure on her story or how we came across her, but my god we're glad we did! The London-based baker is self-taught and an all round cake badass. Her creations are big, bold and beautiful and leave us in complete awe every time she posts. Her signature three-story cake mountains are always elaborately decorated with flowers, popcorn, chocolate, fruits or whatever else she can find. No one decorates a cake quite like her and that’s preciously why we love her.

Gizzi Erskine

Instagram account - Gizzierskine

There can’t be a food porn list without Gizzi. If she’s not letting us tag along with her to some of the best restaurants that London has to offer, then she’s allowing us into her kitchen where she makes the most UNREAL dinners. The most incredible BBQ chicken and egg Caesar salad and her mum’s pork pie are some of our faves. Also, if you’re a massive cat fan, look out for her cat Ponzo – the super cute grey fur ball. This account is a double whammy – food and cats – what more do you want? 

Alexa Mehraban 

Instagram account - EatingNYC


Wake n' bagel. What's your fav NYC bagel? #EATINGNYC

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Seeing as we’re not all too familiar with New York’s dining scene, it’s nice to have our very own tour guide, that’s why we’re a massive fan of EatingNYC. She takes us on a journey through the culinary delights that NYC has to offer, including the endless doughnuts, the bagels bursting with pastrami and the pancake stacks. Basically, we’re living out our food dreams through EatingNYC – we recommend devoting a good hour or so to her feed – enjoy!