How to summer-proof your makeup routine


Summer is finally here which means it’s time to battle all of the beauty struggles that come along with the heat. Here are our top six beauty tips to incorporate into your beauty regimes to make sure that you’re still looking great in the summer months. 

1. Wear less makeup

This may be a simple tip but the less makeup you wear in the heat means that the less makeup there is to melt off. Wearing too much makeup in the heat can also lead to blemishes, which no girl wants! 

2. Avoid eyeliner and eyebrow pencils

These products are wax based and wax melts in the heat, meaning that as soon as you’re out soaking up the sun, your eyebrows will be melting off your face. To avoid looking like a hot mess, stick to liquid or gel based eyeliner or brow mascara.

3. Primers are your best friend 

For long lasting foundation and eyeshadow and good primer is essential. A primer will create a base for your eyeshadow or foundation, meaning that it will stop creasing and will keep your makeup on for longer.

4. Combine mascara's for ultimate staying power

Step up your lash game by using both regular and waterproof mascara together. Use regular mascara as normal and then seal the lashes with waterproof mascara as a final layer. This final layer of waterproof mascara won't stick to your natural lashes and will stop your mascara from melting off in the heat.

6. Steer clear from shimmer

The last thing you want to do in summer is to add any more shine to your face, its easy to look sweaty in summer. To avoid looking like a hot mess avoid dewy foundation and any highlighter.