How to de-stress like a boss

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Has exam season made you feel like this?

Don't stress! We've found the top 5 best ways that are guaranteed to de-stress you.

1. Adult colouring books

Unleash your creativity to unwind after exam season, but don't forget to stay within the lines! Adult colouring books help you practice mindfulness and have been approved by psychologists to help reduce stress. 

2. Go Outside! 

There's nothing better than the great outdoors. Why not go for a walk with friends, it will clear your head and relax you making you forget all about your worries. 

3. Soak all your stresses away. 

Whack out the candles and grab yourself a bath bomb or two and a good book and soak all your stresses away. 

4. Take a trip

A change of scenery is a great way to unwind. Take a trip to the beach or to the countryside, the fresh air will improve your mood and help to relax you.

5. Exercise 

Grab your running shoes, exercise is a great way to unwind, it may not seem it but exercise can de-stress you in more ways than one, it can help you sleep better and it can improve your mood.