Everything you need to know about Pokémon Go


The whole world has been Pokémon crazy since the release of the game in America, Australia and Germany. Pokémon Go has finally been released in the UK today meaning that Pokémon fans across the country have been scrambling to make accounts in an attempt to get outside and ‘catch em’ all.’

We’ve compiled all of the tips and trick that you’ll need to know before you head out to hunt down some Pokémon.

Creating an account

Once you’ve created an account on Pokémon Go you will meet Professor Willow, he will ask you to choose you’re starting Pokémon. You can decide from a Charmander, Bulbasaur or a Squirtle, but with a simple trick you can also choose a Pikachu.

By walking away from the Pokémon and managing to ignore them three times, the game will give you the option of picking a Pikachu! 


There are many Pokestop's located everywhere which when approached they give you supplies such as more Pokeballs along with other potions, eggs and lure modules.

Pokémon Gym’s

There are Gym’s located at specific landmarks, you can battle, train and takeover a Gym.

Once you’ve reached level 5 on Pokémon Go Professor Willow will ask you what team you want to join.  

Each team can take over a Gym; they can do this by battling the Pokémon that are stationed at the Gym. Once a player has taken over the Gym then they can station Pokémon in the Gyms.

If you station a Pokémon in a Gym that is taken over by the same team as you, you can station Pokémon in that Gym too, if you’re Pokémon has a higher CP than the Pokémon that is already stationed at that Gym then you automatically become the leader. 

Enemy Gyms

If the Gym is taken over by an opposing team then you can attempt to take over the Gym yourself by battling the opposing team. To do this you have to lower the prestige of the Gym so that your opponents get kicked out. Once the Gym is free the Gym will turn white, the first player to put a Pokémon in the Gym will take it over.

Fighting in a Gym Battle

The most effective way to fight in a Gym battle is to tap as fast as you can on the screen during the battle.

There are three different moves for fighting Pokémon.

-          Tap the screen = Attack

-          Swipe left/right = Dodge

-          Tap and hold = Special Move (You can only do this when the blue bar has built up)

If you win the battle and station your Pokémon in a Gym you get rewarded every 20 hours with 10 gold coins and 500 Dust for every Pokémon that you have stationed in a Gym. 

Hunting Pokémon

The coolest feature of Pokémon Go is AR mode. This mode turns your phones camera on meaning that you can capture Pokémon in real time and see them as if they are in the room with you.

It’s easier to capture Pokémon without AR mode turned on as it centralises the Pokémon making it easier to aim your Pokéballs.

Looking after Pokémon

Once you've caught your Pokémon the fun doesn't stop. Each Pokémon has different combat points and as you level up you can evolve your Pokémon and power them up to increase their combat points.

You can also incubate eggs to hatch Pokémon too! 

 To start your Pokemon adventure you can download Pokémon Go here.