Declaring our love for Avocados

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Avocados are still very much our best friend. Mushed or sliced, we just can’t get enough of them. And we’re not the only ones on the Avocado bandwagon; everyone else is on it too. Here are our top picks of what you should do with our little green friend: 

Avocado on Toast with a Poached Egg


This is such a sexy dish! Gooey, runny egg, eaten with creamy avocado – pure perfection. Gladly eaten at any time of the day we’re very much flying the flag for this dish.  


Not just reserved for Fajitas or Nachos – guac is the perfect accompaniment to almost anything. We’re sure there’s some sort of satisfaction in making your own but why bother when out of the packet tastes so good?


Rice, Salmon, nori and our favourite little friend – it’s a winning combination in our minds.   

Avocado Pasta

Isn't this just a little bowl of heaven? We just want to dive head first into this spaghetti mountain. 

Avocado wrapped in bacon

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Unsure why we haven’t thought of this before, but hot damn this looks incredible.