Bulking on a Budget

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Between tuition fees, books, student accommodation and everything else you have to pay for - bodybuilding is one area you can easily do on a budget. Here are some top tips from competitive bodybuilder Adam Foster.

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Establish Your Macros & Calories

If you can’t gain weight - you’re not eating enough. That's the bottom line of it. No science, no secrets, no tricks - eat more.

As a (very) loose estimate, if you want to bulk, multiply your body weight by 18-20 to give you your total caloric intake.

From here you want to divide your macros the following way:

  • 50% Carbs

  • 30% Protein

  • 20% Fat

This isn’t “set in stone” - but it is a good starting point.

Now you know how much you need to be eating - now its time to figure out what you should be eating - and how to do it on the cheap.

Make a Shopping List

Man - this will make you feel grown up. Walking into a supermarket with a shopping list instead of wandering from the gaming isle, to the sweet and then the frozen ice cream.

Why use a shopping list?

  • You can workout how much you need of each food item to hit your macros

  • You don’t overbuy and waste food

  • You don’t forget to buy necessities and end up under eating

  • You can get everything in 1 trip - keep stocked up saving time and money travelling back and forth

Cheap Bodybuilding Bulking Foods




Chicken Breast - buy in bulk from butchers


100% Natural Peanut Butter
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Whey Protein Concentrate From Protein Dynamix

Maltodextrin Powder
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Egg Yolks

Beef Mince


Full Fat Milk

Chicken Thights


Frozen Veg



Don’t over complicate things. If you’re fairly new to bodybuilding & bulking and young, you don’t need to over complicate supplementation.

I’d always recommend a basic whey protein powder. I almost don’t consider protein powder as a supplement - but instead a food source - and a cheap one at that!

Likewise - a carbohydrate supplement such as maltodextrin or dextrose is a really easy and cheap way to add calories & carbohydrates to your diet. Mix it with your water throughout the day, or with your protein powder as a post workout shake.

I’d also recommend a creatine monohydrate. It’s one of the few supplements that is proven to work through scientific research and it's dirt cheap. A no-brainer for anyone looking to bulk on a budget.

Sample (Cheap) Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Meal 1 - 100g oats & 6 eggs

Meal 2 - 2 scoops protein powder & 100g of maltodextrin

Meal 3 - 150g chicken (cooked weight) & 100g rice (raw)

Meal 4 - 2 scoops protein powder, 50g oats & 2 bananas

Meal 5 - 200g beef mince (cooked weight) & 500g potato (raw)

Meal 6 - 2 Scoops Protein Powder & 100g oats

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