7 Netflix features you need to watch

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Netflix is filled with cool and insightful documentaries that can educate you in some pretty strange fields. So, if you just want something odd to Netflix and chill to, then you should totally check these out.

Unhung hero

When most guys realise they have a small willy they may do a tonne of things: hide in shame, find a partner that’s into it… The last thing on anyone’s mind would be to make a documentary.

After his girlfriend rejected his proposal (for the reason above), Patrick Moote decides to take us on a “little” adventure with his junk, to examine the myth around size mattering and, how to boost what you’ve already got.

Dreams of a life

Would people really miss you if you weren’t around any more? You’d like to think so, right? Well, that may not be the case. Joyce Vincent died on the sofa of the London bedsit she called home in 2003. Three years went by before bailiffs found her, as she hadn’t been paying any rent, with the heating and television still running…

This is a pretty deep documentary that not only looks at the mystery of Joyce’s life and death, but her connections with others.

Louis Theroux: Weird Weekends Season 1

Known for documenting the lives of “different” people, wherever Louis is strange seems to follow. Season 1 of his Weird Weekend series looks at religion, aliens, porn, doomsday prep-ers and wraps it all up by bringing them together for an awkward Christmas episode. If you don’t mind cringing at both the interviewer and the interviewee, this series of documentaries is for you.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey (2011)

While this isn’t as creepy as the other doc's, is it pretty weird. We all know Elmo as that fluffy red dude from Sesame Street, not the man that brings the puppet to life. Kevin Clash lives, eats and breathes Elmo; and it’s this passion that has taken him to the next level. Frank Oz, Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg and others come together to tell the story of the man behind the puppet.

Chronic-con Episode 420: A New Dope

Comedian Doug Benson responds to Morgan Spurlocks nerdy adventure the only way he knows how. By getting high and wandering around comicon. I can’t really tell if this documentary actually has a plot, or is even a documentary, but it’s definitely strange and funny as hell. 

Web Junkie

I know I love being online, but I’m pretty sure I could live without it for a little bit. In China, you can actually be labelled addicted to the Internet – it’s classed as a clinical disorder. The Web Junkies are sent to a rehabilitation centre, which is where this film takes place, with the hope of re-introducing three teenagers into the real world.

Atari: Game over

Atari kick started the gaming industry. Starting with the beautifully simple Pong, their success seemed unlimited; until they took on the ET cartridge game. Atari: Game over follows the rise and fall of this powerhouse. I don’t really know what makes this one stranger. The fact that Atari decided to bury it next to an atomic bomb site or the fact people made a line to the dump to pick up dirty bits of rubbish.