7 Struggles of a Primark lover

Primark banner

Primark is a bargain lovers dream. Filled, floor to ceiling, with cut-price fashion staples, you’re sure to find something you love. But that doesn’t mean our relationship with Primarni has always been smooth. It all starts out so simply. You find the perfect outfit lurking in a magazine…

So you set off to that glowing blue light of love known as Primark

But everyone in the nearby towns and cities have all decided to come grab that ensemble too.

So you fight your way through the crowds to get to the right rail.

Only to find out that they have every size available, except for yours. #FML

But as everyone treats Primark like a charity shop, your size may have been thrown on the floor.

Nope. It isn’t there. And if it is, someone’s footprint is on it.

But who cares, because there is bound to be another bargain staple waiting around the corner for you!