7 Types you'll come across in every gym

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You can’t go to the gym without coming across these types of people…

1. The Over Enthusiastic Gym Bunny

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This person is either really excited to be at the gym or they want results and they want them fast! Find them lurking around the cardio area either pounding the treadmill or hammering the cross trainer at full pelt. Whilst we admire their stamina and commitment to the cause, we’re concerned that they’ll do themselves a mischief.

Our advice – S-L-O-W down, we’re all for go hard or go home but this is just an unnecessary speed. Work on your form and you’ll see results faster. 

2. The Exhibitionist

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Commonly wearing a barely there crop top and shorts combo or the stringiest vest in the world. We get that you’re proud of your results and you want to show off your sculpted arms or rock hard abs, but could you possibly do that in a t-shirt? If it’s that vital for you to be naked in a public place then please wait until the summer months – we’re in minus degrees here guys.

Our advice – For the love of god just put a t-shirt on, it’s too cold for us to be seeing this much of your skin.

3. The Trier

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This person hasn’t entirely grasped how to use the equipment, but we applaud them for trying. Maybe they’re too shy to ask for help or maybe they have no idea that they’re using the equipment wrong, we just hope someone steps in before they harm themselves. 

Our advice – If you need help or guidance then speak up, most people will be happy to help you.

4. The Noise Maker

Usually found in the weight lifting section, this person makes grunting sounds rivalling those found at Wimbledon. We’re not entirely sure why they do it, but it’s a thing.  

Our advice – Tone down the grunts – it scares us.

5. The Non-Doer


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They’ve managed to put on the workout clothes, they’ve made it through the front door of the gym, but they don’t seem to be doing anything. Commonly found on the bike, barely peddling whilst texting or scrolling Facebook, the non-doer will repeat this action 2 – 3 times a week and wonder why they haven’t seen results.

Our advice – Put the phone down. If you’ve made it as far as the gym, then put in a good workout.  

6. The Serial Sweater

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We applaud the people who commit to their workout and totally kick ass, we appreciate you’re going to work up a sweat, what we don’t appreciate is you not wiping down the equipment after you’ve finished!! This is cardinal gym etiquette – don’t leave pools of your sweat on the machines – it’s just gross.

Our advice – Take a towel, maybe even take two – one for your sweaty face and one for the machine. 

7. The Professional

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They glide into the gym with their matching gym attire; limited edition trainers, gym bag and protein shake in tow. Their body is toned beyond belief, resembling something you could only ever dream of and they crack on with their gruelling cardio workout, barely breaking a sweat. They squat with perfect form and then swan out of the gym after 45 minutes.

Our advice – No advice, just teach us how – HOW!!