7 Drinking games everyone needs to know

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It’s pretty much standard practice that you’re going to have (at least) one super-messy night during your life. But drinking like a normal person is a little dull and you can’t chat if you’re drinking at a club, so why not have a messy night in with these hilarious drinking games?

Drunk Jenga

This one’s pretty simple. Grab a Jenga game (other brands of block stacking games are available), Sharpie on some dares/shots/gulps of drink and get playing. Each time you remove a brick with something written on it, you have to perform the task! If you're unfortunate enough to topple the tower then you have to down your drink!

Never have I ever

“Never have I ever… *insert risqué quote here *” and everyone who’s done it, drinks. Brilliant for finding out your newfound friends secrets.

Fuzzy Duck

The game starts by players taking it in turns to say Fuzzy Duck. If someone says Ducky Fuzz, then you swap directions and carry on. If someone says the wrong phrase, or messes up totally, then they have to take a sip of their drink.

Ring of fire

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Put a deck of cards face down in a ring and place a pint glass/jug in the centre. Players take it in turns to pick up a card which each have a corresponding action. These rules are really up to you, you can make you own if you wish, but you can always Google a standard set.

Bite the box

For this game, you’ll need a cereal box and preferably to be a little bit tipsy. The goal is to pick up the box with your teeth while standing (no hands allowed, no touching the box and no stabilising yourself). Sounds easy enough, right? Each completed round, you rip off a bit of the box to make it a little smaller. Take a drink if you fall over, touch the floor or give up.

Most Likely

One person in your group asks a question beginning with “Who is the most likely to… “, like who is the most likely to be late for a meetup? The rest of the group then have a couple of seconds to point to the person that they feel are most likely to do it. For every person pointing at you, you need to drink, if everyone thinks it’s you then DOWN IT!

Wizard Sticks

Possibly the most simple of the lot – but you’ll need cans and some duct tape. Each time you finish a drink, tape the old can to the bottom of your new one. The winner is the person with the longest stack of cans… or whoever is drunk enough to think they’re a wizard.