19 Real struggles of being an ASOS addict


ASOS has a very annoying habit of reeling us in. Maybe it’s their endless supply of clothes, maybe it’s because we can buy almost anything from them or maybe it’s just that guaranteed next day delivery. Think you’re an ASOS addict? Not unless you’re guilty of the below…  

1. ASOS is priority 

You check ASOS new in more regularly than the news.

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2. Our basket is rather full 

You have around 13,000 items saved in your basket.

3. We'll never let go 

If your item is out of stock you keep it in your saved basket because you’re convinced someone will return your size.

4. We're scared and alone 

‘Low stock’ fills you with fear.

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5. We need it and we need it now

When they’ve sold out of your size, you’ll buy any size because you need it – and you need it now!

6. Refresh is our best friend

Getting annoyed when the New In section hasn’t been updated yet.

7. 20% off would be everything right now

You hold out for weeks waiting for a discount code – you’re convinced you can feel it in your waters.

8. WTF? I don't deserve this 

Then you lose faith, buy what you’re after and the next day you get a 20% code – FFS!

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9. The urban myth is real 

You almost wet yourself when you get a 40% discount code – some say it’s an urban myth (it's not we can assure you).

10. Yay!! What... wait

Excitedly finding a discount code on Twitter, only for it to be invalid.

11. LOVE this, this and this 

Using the saved button as a filter for anything that may be of slight interest.

12. Best investment so far

ASOS Premier has been your greatest investment yet.

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13. Make the most of it

And you’ll use it for the smallest of items.


If ASOS doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you’re convinced it doesn’t exist.

15. Postman friends 

You’re on first term names with your DPD guy.

16. The best of friends 

He refers to you as the “ASOS girl”.

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17. Points equal prizes 

You squealed with excitement when they brought out the ASOS Loyalty points.

18. Daydreamin'

You’ve dreamt about how many vouchers you’ll receive.

19. Life goals

The ultimate dream is to move your entire saved basket to checkout.