14 reasons why Zara makes us feel uncomfortable

Zara banner

Out of all of the high street shops, we feel extra fancy when we’ve purchased something from Zara! But before you even get to buying anything, just being surrounded by all the really chic clothes puts us on edge…

1.   Why do the Sales Assistant’s look so chic and why do we look like we’ve just thrown on anything on that’s clean and rolled with it?

2.       Sizing – Hello? Are these actual normal human being sizes – if so then why can we only get one arm into this top?!

3.       Sizing AGAIN! Why are we now drowning in fabric?! There’s just no in-between.


4.       Someone tell us why some clothes only go up to a size medium?

5.       When you think you’re ordering a dress, why is it actually a top?

6.       Why does something look completely different from the website to real life e.g. The Paint-Stroke Print dress of Summer 2015. 


7.       Why do you insist on only displaying only one bag in the entire shop – admittedly it’s a very beautiful bag but we’d like some more options, please.

8.       The flimsiest of tops always costs an entire week’s wages.

9.       Whilst the top next to it only costs £7.99.


10.   Even at 12 pm on a weekday why does it look like a jumble sale? Sorry but we haven’t got time to dig.

11.   We’re confused about TRF – WHO is that collection aimed at?

12.   Please tell us why Zara Home is only available for the southerners? People north of London would also like super chic homes.



13.   How can you possibly call it a sale when there’s only £20 off – a sale isn’t a sale unless is it’s discounted by at least 50%.

14.   You’ve branched out into perfume – Why?

Regardless of how much you make us feel uncomfortable, anxious and annoyed, Zara we love you! Never change.