The 10 struggles of Lent

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We do it every single year; we make a pact to give up anything vaguely interesting for 40 days and 40 nights – then as soon as the day comes around we immediately regret signing up. This year we’ve given up chocolate AND crisps (Yeah, we don’t know WTF is wrong with us either) - these are our struggles... 

1. We want more 

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We spent weeks ‘stocking up’ ready for the drought. We hoped that if we ate enough packets of crisps then we’d be sick of them - wrong! It just made us want them even more. 

2. We're confused 

Differentiating between what is a crisp and what isn't. Are Mini Cheddars a crisp?!  

3. Why oh why?

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Realising that chocolate is pretty much in everything! A blueberry muffin just isn't the same.

4. Nothing tastes like a crisp

Nothing, absolutely nothing satisfies our need for a ‘crunch’ more than a crisp!

5. Are people just tormenting us?

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Everyone around us seems to be eating more chocolate and crisps than usual. 

6. Why did we sign up for this?

Not realising that 40 days is such a loooooong time.

7. We're not weird OK!

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We resort to sniffing other people's glorious treats to satisfy our cravings. 

8. We've become a recluse 

We’ve stopped going to the supermarket due to the mountains of Easter Eggs everywhere.

9. We want every little detail

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We live out our need for crisps by asking our family/friends to describe the taste and flavour to us. (Yes, this did happen – last year with Spicy Mix-ups).

10. We're such a bad person 

Ugh! We made is this far then someone accidently gives us chocolate and we feel like the worst person in the world.