Ask yourself something, how is your current lifestyle? Whether you’re in need of eating healthier, more exercise or both, Youth Discounts has the student lifestyle deals you need to start living better. For the students who've left home, we understand how hard it can be and how drastic life changes. Mom isn’t cooking and cleaning anymore, you’re out having a social life and whilst this is happening, you’re busy with essays and dissertations. You’re probably wondering, how do I afford and schedule in a healthy routine into an already busy lifestyle? Sometimes, living healthier can be expensive, especially with the cost of gym memberships and buying more hearty, nutricious food.

By using Youth Discounts, you can live better for less cost! This page gives you all the essential lifestyle student discounts you need. From monthly subscriptions for healthier food to free gym passes, discounts on sportswear to free fitness classes, there is no excuses to be unhealthy! 

Shop online or instore at your favourite sports brands and get cheaper deals by using our healthy lifestyle discount codes. We’ve partnered up with huge brands such as, Adidas, Pure Gym, Men's Fitness and Gymshark to get you the best deals out there. You could be a student, apprentice or just aged 16-26, whichever the case you can take advantage of these amazing offers!

So, what are you waiting for? Use our exclusive youth lifestyle discounts and get yourself and a friend down to the gym with a free 3-day pass. While you’re in the mood, order a free issue of Men’s Fitness to get beneficial information on how to get into shape. For extra information and advice on healthier living, check out our Youth Discount blog for some handy tips. Also, get yourself a free copy of The Graduate Guide (normally £5.99) to read interviews with fitness experts and articles relating to easy cooking, simple exercise techniques and tips for mental wellbeing.

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